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About us

Everyone who works at First Steps Nutrition Trust feels passionately about the need for better information and support for good nutrition – and good food – from pre-conception to five years.

First Steps Nutrition Trust is virtual, with no offices or full-time staff, and all those who work for First Steps do so on a part-time and freelance basis to fit in with other work commitments.  The work of the Trust is managed and co-ordinated by Dr Helen Crawley who is a dietitian and public health nutritionist, and all those who support projects are registered professionals in their own field.


First Steps Nutrition Trust has three Trustees

Professor Carolyn Summerbell

is Principal, and Professor of Human Nutrition, at John Snow College in Durham and is also a dietitian and registered nutritionist. Carolyn is a world expert in obesity and is involved in projects internationally which aim to tackle the current rise in childhood obesity.
Dr Lucy Cooke

is a senior research associate at University College London with expertise in children's food preferences and eating habits. She is involved in work to develop children's healthy food preferences and to consider the impact of the family food environment on children's eating habits.
Anna Van Der Hurd

is the Director of the funding charity The A Team Foundation and brings with her considerable experience in running and supporting charities and ensuring that work is completed efficiently and effectively. Anna currently lives in New York and combines her charity management with developing her fine art.


First Steps Nutrition Trust relies on charitable and research grant funding to do its work.

We only accept funds from registered charities, research funding and appropriate individual donations and remain wholly independent of commercial funding. First Steps Nutrition Trust will not engage with any organisation that is involved in the trade of tobacco, alcohol, breastmilk substitutes or any other food or drinks which undermine the health of children and their families.

Registered Charity No: 114640