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Infant Milks

Milk and food intake in the first year of life

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Breastmilk (or an appropriate first infant formula) is the only food a baby needs in the first 6 months of life. This has been the recommendation from all UK health departments for the past 13 years. This is not just a UK recommendation, it is global – and most countries now recognise the importance of exclusive breastfeeding, and of waiting for babies to be ready for solids

Breastmilk and breastfeeding: A simple guide
Breastmilk and breastfeeding: A simple guide

If you want to know more about Breastmilk and breastfeeding, we have a simple guide that also links to all the fabulous organisations that support breastfeeding in the UK.

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How much milk do infants need?
How much milk do infants need

One of the joys of breastfeeding is knowing that your baby will always take the amount of milk they need, and you don’t need to know how much that is. As long as baby is growing well and producing the amount of wet nappies you would expect, you can trust the breastfeeding supply and demand system to do its work. If babies are not breastfed then we have guidance on the approximate amounts of milk babies may need – but of course responsive feeding is important for all babies, so this is just a guide based on average babies.

Link here to doc on How much milk is needed by infants and young children?
How to introduce solids alongside breastmilk (or infant formula)

Eating well: the first year
First Year of Life
A guide to introducing solids and eating well up to baby's first birthday

This resource explains how solids can be introduced alongside breastmilk in the first year.

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