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Our report: Infant milks in the UK

First Steps Nutrition Trust provides a one stop shop for information on infant milks marketed in the UK. We provide information on the composition of infant milks, the claims made and the usefulness and safety of ingredients. We gather together all the information needed to support families who use these products to feed their infants.

Infant milks in the UK: A practical guide for health professionals
Infant milks in the UK

This February 2017 version of the report Infant Milks in the UK is now available to download and contains the latest information on milks available for infants and children in the UK, with clear independent guidance on their suitability.

This report provides information on infant milks marketed for over the counter sale in the UK, as well as background information on composition, ingredients, contaminants, regulations and the infant milk market.

This report is widely used by health professionals across the UK and is supported by Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative, The Baby Feeding Law Group, The Royal College of Midwives, The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and many others. We are grateful to Public Health Wales, The Scottish Government and The Public Health Agency Northern Ireland for part-funding this work.

To access the full report click here ...
The Infant milks in the UK report has been formatted so it can be printed out and placed in a ring binder.

What has changed since the last report?
If you have a master copy of this report in a folder that you want to update (see below for details) then you can access a list of the pages you need to print out to update this resource here.

You can print out the whole report yourself, and if you want to buy a cover and binders, you can do so at

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Castlemil infant formula, follow-on formula and toddler milk

This new brand of UK-made infant milks was launched in 2017 and is not yet included in the main Infant milks in the UK report. You can find out about this prduct here.

For a review of the cliams being made about whole cows' milk in infant formula see our statement on this here.

Both statements are accessible in the menu bar left under 'Statements'

Infant milk composition
Infant formula - An overview

Infant formula - An overview

This report considers those milks that are covered by the infant formula milk regulations in the UK. It provides a more in-depth look at each milk and reviews the evidence that is given to support claims made. Infant formula includes the first infant milks about which healthcare professionals may be asked the most questions. We have given our opinions about the evidence they provide to back up claims and compared it with findings from accepted expert reviews.

Access this report by clicking here ...

Cost of infant milks in UK

Cost of infant milks marketed in the UK

This report summarises the costs of all milks currently marketed for sale in the UK. There are considerable disparities in cost between products, and using ready to feed starter packs of infant milk is a particularly expensive way to buy formula milk. Despite marketing claims, milks that comply to regulations are similar in composition. The addition of unnecessary ingredients about which claims are made may burden a young child's metabolism – a simpler and cheaper formula with fewer unnecessary ingredients may be preferable.

Access this report by clicking here ....

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