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Eating well in pregnancy
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Eating well in pregnancy

The aim of all health advice in pregnancy is to ensure the best outcome for mother and infant, and that includes having a baby born at term, at a good birth weight and with adequate nutrient stores for early development.

Poor diet in pregnancy has been associated with poorer pregnancy outcomes in a number of studies, and there is evidence that the diets of many younger and teenage mothers lack some of the essential nutrients associated with good outcomes.

There is no doubt that a good diet in pregnancy provides the best start in life for all babies, regardless of the age of the mother, but younger women may also require additional nutrients for their own growth and so they need particular support in pregnancy.

Despite a popular myth that a baby will take what it needs nutritionally from its mother, neither mother nor baby will thrive if the diet is poor.

Eating well in pregnancy: A practical guide to support teenagers (2017)

Click on the report cover to download

Eating well in pregnancy - a practical guide to support teenagers This guide provides information and support about eating well in pregnancy for women aged 15 - 19 years.

It provides general advice on food and nutrition and ideas for how young women can eat throughout the day and manage their increased energy and nutrient needs.

Part 1 of this guide gives background information on what eating well is all about for pregnant women.

Eating well in teen pregnancy report

Part 2 provides photos with recipes that show how the eating well advice can be put into practice and example days for teenage mums to be to show how they might eat across the day.

You can download the pdf of this report by clicking on the report cover above.

This report is open access. This means you can use any sections of it in your own work to support young pregnant women, with acknowledgement to First Steps Nutrition Trust. The whole report may be most useful as a reference document and you might want shorter sections to use when you work with young women. Some short information sheets based on the report will be available to download here soon.

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