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Newsletter April 2017

Welcome to the April newsletter.


We look forward to welcoming everyone at our conference on April 26th and will make the talks available after the event for people who couldn’t be with us on the day. We will be launching our baby food report looking at pouches and jars of baby foods marketed in the first year of life at the conference, and will make that available on the website shortly after.

Unicef Baby Friendly statement - supporting formula feeding parents

Updated Practical Eating Well Resources

We have updated our practical resources.
Eating Well for a Healthy Pregnancy

Eating well for a healthy pregnancy: a practical guide


Click here or on the report cover

Eating Well in Pregnancy for teens

Eating well in pregnancy: a practical guide to support teenager

Click here or on the report cover


Eating well for New Mums

Eating well for new mums

The new pdf is now available here on the website and hard copies can be ordered following links on the publications page.

The updates reflect the new Eatwell Guide, new guidance on vitamin D and changes to prices, links and resources.

Eating Well: the first year

Eating well: the first year

We have also made small changes to the Eating well: the first year of life resource to reflect changes to vitamin D guidance and this new pdf is also here on the website.

We are also updating the resources Making the most of Healthy Start and Eating well for vegan infants and 1-4 year olds, and we will alert people to these new resources when we have them available.

Infant milk news

Specialised infant milks in the UK


We have updated the Specialised infant milk report that provides details of milks that fall under the foods for special medical purposes regulations, which means these products should be used under medical supervision.

We realise there is a need for expansion of this work, particularly in the area of cows' milk protein allergy. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help with this work. We haven’t found capacity to start this work yet, but it is still on the list.

New milk brand: Castlemil

Since we updated the report last month a new infant formula, follow on formula and toddler milk have come onto the UK market. Made in the same factory as Kendamil in the UK the milk products have a slightly different composition.

Castlemil milk tin

Both brands make claims about being based on ‘whole cows’ milk’ and suggests a series of properties that this gives their formula that is not supported by any scientific evidence. You can download information about this brand of milks here– we will update the main green report in due course. These milks are available online via Amazon or the Castlemil shop or from Iceland Food Warehouses.

We are concerned about the marketing claims around whole milk, the labelling of these products and, for Castlemil, the use of a cow on the packaging. This could be misleading to families, and many of their claims suggest specific benefits of whole milk to infants. As these milks are destined for the overseas market as a trusted UK brand, we have a duty to ensure that there is no confusion with dried cows’ milk products. Claiming an infant formula is ‘natural’ and ‘free range’ takes marketing to a whole new level. Baby Milk Action have reviewed the claims being made for Kendamil milks, and information is available as part of their 2017 UK monitoring reports. If you are not already a member of Baby Milk Action do think of signing up to support their work link to
Castelmil suite of tins

So what claims are they making about the benefits of ‘whole milk’ in formula?
All infant formula and follow on formula must meet the same compositional standards and contain specified amounts (in ranges) for essential components. Making a claim that these are present has nothing to do with whole milk. It is particularly misleading to say whole milk is a good source of iron and vitamin C. We have written a statement about whole milk claims. You can also find it in our list of statements accessed via the homepage menu on the left hand side.

Websites and Organisations that are funded by the formula industry
Costs of infant milks marketed in the UK

We have made a correction to this report and so a new version is now available here on the website. Baby Lifeline have told us that they no longer have any relationship with Danone Nutricia so we are happy to take them out of the list. This is a rolling report so we highlight organisations and projects as we are alerted to them and relationships may change over time, but we are always happy to hear from anyone who has changed their sponsorship policy.


The UK Parliamentary debate on protecting families from misleading baby milk marketing was not held on March 24th, but Alison Thewliss MP used that day to launch an Inquiry into infant feeding services in the UK.


The consultation document and form can be found here:

Please do respond to the inquiry, and encourage families you have worked with to do so.


First Steps Nutrition Trust is on semi-sabbatical over summer 2016, so queries will be answered, but may take a little longer.

First Steps Nutrition Trust offers information and resources to support good nutrition from pre-conception to 5 years.

Our aim is to produce clear and independent resources to support people who want to know more about eating well before and during pregnancy, eating well for infants and young children, and food composition and food quality.

First Steps Nutrition Trust takes no industry funding. We are funded through charitable trusts and donations. We aim to provide a one-stop shop for useful and accurate evidence-based information on good nutrition from pre-conception to five years. To find out more about the Trust on our About Us page.

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First Step Nutrition Trust's newsletter is published regularly to promote information and awareness of the importance of good nutrition from pre-conception to 5 years and to highlight the work of the Trust.
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