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In this newsletter we highlight the work we have planned for the final quarter of 2014 and some of the events we will attend to promote the work of the Trust.

Hard copies of the resources Eating Well in Pregnancy - recipes for teenagers Eating Well in Pregnancy Practical Guide for Teenagers
Eating Well for a healthy pregnancy Eating Well: vegan infants and under-5s Making the most of Healthy Start

We are often asked by practitioners if we can send hard copies of our resources to them free of charge, and whilst we would of course love to be able to do this, we have very limited resources for all our projects making this currently impossible to do.

Everything we do is available as free pdf downloads, and we produce a limited number of hard copies to send to policy makers and others to promote our work and the Trust. Any left over resources we sell at cost price through an independent organisation Freestyle Business Services and we can do extra print runs if areas or organisations want bulk orders. If you are interested in having hard copies of resources you could consider:

    • Asking a local printer whether they could print from the pdf into a bound resource – the cost will depend on the paper type and quality and the number you want
    • If you want copies for staff across an area then we can customise resources for you with your own logos and information sheets included and organise printing at cost price, and this guarantees good quality photographs and tailors a resource to your local population

Over the next few months we will add information to this website about how you might use resources which we hope will be helpful, and we also plan to re-design the Infant Milks in the UK resource to make it printable in ring binder format and therefore much easier to update when products or information changes.

If you have any questions about hard copies of any of our resources then contact Pauline at

Reports coming soon

Eating well for new mums:
Including information for breastfeeding mothers

I just want to find the right formula for my baby

After a slightly longer gestation than we had anticipated, and some lively discussion about how to support women post-natally around good food and provide useful information about nutrition and breastfeeding in line with current thinking, we hope this resource will now hatch at the end of October.

'I just want to find the right formula for my baby'

I just want to find the right formula for my baby


This report is currently being edited and will be made available as a free pdf in the next month.

We are using some of the findings from this work to help us update our Frequently Asked Questions around infant feeding for health professionals.

What does civil society want from the baby feeding industry?
I just want to find the right formula for my baby


This report will highlight how manufacturers of infant milks and infant foods can support current public health guidelines and codes of conducts around promotion of products and health claims.

We often criticise industry for their approach to product promotion, but could be accused of not being explicit about what we do believe their responsibilities are around the protection of infant and public health. This free pdf will be available shortly.

Packed lunches for 1-4 year olds

Lunch box

From September 2014 a greater number of younger children will be eligible for additional care at early years settings, and many of these children may bring a packed lunch with them.

There is currently little practical support for families and practitioners around simple, cost effective and nutritious packed lunches for young children. This resource will provide ideas for packed lunches that meet the nutritional needs of children of this age and provide photographs of portion sizes and recipes which can be passed on to families.

This resource is currently at edit stage and will be available later in the year.

Infant Milks in the UK

I just want to find the right formula for my baby


A new updated version of this resource will be produced at the end of this year incorporating new relevant data from EFSA on milk composition as well as new product information.

We will be re-formatting this resource so that it can be printed as a ring binder resource, which will make updating much easier and we will provide details of that in future newsletters.

We also plan A simple guide to infant milks for health professionals expanding the Frequently Asked Questions section to provide summary data of key points that is simpler for practitioners to print out and refer to.

Eating well: Birth to Five

I just want to find the right formula for my baby


By the end of this year we hope to pull together all the work we have done to provide a guide for everyone on eating well from birth to five – and we are hoping we can do this in a more interactive way and as a resource that can be used visually.

Whilst we await guidance from Public Health England on some aspects of infant and child nutrition currently under scientific debate, much of the practical information is likely to remain the same and there is a need for a simple practical resource in this area.


In our next newsletter

We will report on a new project in the pipeline related to Healthy Start and some of the other work we are involved in nationally and internationally around protecting infant feeding.

Watch this space

We are also working away on the data from our Infant Milk Analysis of metals and hope to have some data ready for the public domain soon.


First Steps Nutrition Trust will be manning a stand at the CPHVA Annual Conference at the NEC Birmingham on November 5th and 6th 2014. If you will be there come and see us – we hope to fly the flag for independent, expert resources (even if we will be surrounded by big commercial organisations on much bigger stands!)

We hope to attend a number of events over the coming year to spread the news about our work and hear from those working in the field about what help and information they would find useful in their work. If you know of an event which might be suitable for us – do get in touch at


Other news

Outstanding new film from Danis Tanovic based on the true story of former Nestle Pakistan salesman taking on the baby milk industry with the help of IBFAN

Tiger still

Tiger Still

This film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival this month and you can read all about it and where it is being shown next at

Best Beginnings Baby Buddy Phone AppBest Beginnings

This interactive app will deliver personalised pregnancy and parenting information and prompts for reflection and action, in the voice of a chatty, knowledgeable friend.

This daily 'push' of information will come with fun-to-use functions that include:

Baby Buddy Phone App
  • A diary
  • A photo diary that creates a video of the growing bump or baby
  • A tracker for personal goals
  • Frequently asked questions
  • A reminder list for questions to ask a health professional
  • Geo-location for local services

Find out all about this exciting new project at


First Steps Nutrition Trust offers information and resources to support good nutrition from pre-conception to 5 years.
Our aim is to produce clear and independent resources to support people who want to know more about eating well before and during pregnancy, eating well for infants and young children, and food composition and food quality.

First Steps Nutrition Trust takes no industry funding. We are funded through charitable trusts and donations. We aim to provide a one-stop shop for useful and accurate evidence-based information on good nutrition from pre-conception to five years.
First Steps mother and baby
First Step Nutrition Trust's newsletter will be published regularly to promote information and awareness of the importance of good nutrition from pre-conception to 5 years and to highlight the work of the Trust.
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