Working within the WHO Code

The WHO Code of marketing of breastmilk substitutes and all the subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions are global agreements designed to protect all babies from unscrupulous marketing and claims about alternatives to breastmilk. Some but not all of the Code and resolutions are written into regulation in the UK, which means that advertising of follow on formula, and advertising to health professionals is permissible.

Everyone working in Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative accredited settings however pledges to work within the WHO Code and resolutions, and we are pleased to work in partnership with them to support health professionals in this.


Scientific and factual?
A review of infant formula advertising to healthcare professionals

This report examines the scientific evidence cited by companies to support claims made in advertising for breastmilk substitutes aimed at health workers. These adverts are allowed under current UK wide regulations, but must be 'scientific and factual.'  Studies cited in support of claims are often misleading and we believe that some of these advertisements are not in line with current regulations. 


How you can help

We are committed to raising awareness and challenging misleading claims.
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